Dr Timothy Tan, Cardiologist – dealing with

An email just sent, (on 29 Mar. 2019,) to Dr Tan, using his email address, tim.tan@sydney.edu.au, on the University of Sydney School of Medicine website.












We’ll let you know if we get a response.

Should readers consider using Dr Tan? Perhaps an email from him telling his side of the story will change everything.

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Dr Colin Holloway – dealing with 2

We are really interested in Low Dose Naltrexone, so when we came across Dr Holloway’s website and saw the following on it, our interest was immediately aroused, especially as we’ve had difficulty locating any Sydney doctors who claim to know anything about it, let alone who prescribe it.

As you will see in our previous post, an email was sent to Dr Holloway, which got this response.

The fact that he says, “I do telephone consultations for those who live at a distance,” got us REALLY interested. But, since this email was received, 3 or 4 more emails have been sent to him which haven’t even been acknowledged???

It is suggested that readers who think they have problems with which Low Dose Naltrexone may help, could seek to to have one of his telephone consultations – you may get on better than we have, although he’s obviously busy, if, as he claims, there’s a waiting time of 6 months to have face-to-face consultations with him.

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Brad Hazzard, M.P., NSW Minister for Health – dealing with 4

As has been reported, a couple went to the Fairfield Government hospital for help in having a baby and got none, and the baby died. Sure, the hospital may have been busy, but, to us, those responsible for giving everything else in the hospital at the time higher priority than helping a couple deliver a baby should be in gaol for manslaughter.

And when we wrote to Health Minister Hazzard asking if he cared, this is what we got back.

In a word, we’re flabbergasted – we can’t get over it. It tells us so much about so many people and so many things.

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The Reward System that operates for Health Care Professionals in NSW – 2

We’ve written before about the reward system that operates in New South Wales for health care professionals. This is another perfect illustration of it.

One of our readers was referred to the Urologist, Dr Andrew Brooks, by a Dr Chris Grant, (a GP who he’d been using for 5 or 6 years and whom he thought was quite good and trusted,) for help with a frequency problem – he was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to urinate.

With Dr Brooks, right from the first moment, it was all about him trying to work out how he could get a $3,200 fee our of the reader for less than an hour’s work – he provided him with a diagnosis which was just fairly tale stuff, but he used it to talk him into having a TURP operation, an operation under a full anaesthetic – which didn’t help in any way, (Dr Brooks has admitted this in writing,) and which damaged him for life, it can’t be reversed. And he got his $3,200 fee for less than an hour’s work!

(Dr Brooks has been sent countless emails giving him the opportunity to tell his side of the story, but he’s never responded to any of them.)

Then, to complete the picture, a few months ago, we got a phone call from one of Dr Brook’s henchmen trying to get us to take down some of the stuff we’d been been putting up about him on our website and blogs about him. Our response, of course, was that we’d welcome his side of the story on anything at any time, and would be more than happy to pass what he had to say onto our readers. And, in the course of the phone call, it was mentioned that Dr Brooks made “contributions,” from time to time to GPs to help them in running their practices, (others might call them “bribes,”) which was described as a “norm for the industry.”

So Dr Grant was emailed asking him if he’d ever received one of Dr Brook’s “contributions?” He didn’t respond – we were left to draw our own conclusions.

So, get the picture? – a Urologist getting $3,200 fees for less than an hour’s work for carrying out procedures that don’t work, on patients referred to him by Chris Grants, of whom there may be many, for the “contributions” they receive from the Urologist “to help them in running their practices.”

Our reader has recently mentioned that he has since come across two other Urologists – Dr Paul Sved and Dr Vincent Tse – who he believes are two of the best and most honourable doctors he’s ever come across. In complete contrast, they say that the frequency problem which our reader had, and still has, was/is due to the fact that his bladder has become weaker, something that often happens in older men, so that during urination his bladder isn’t fully emptied, so that it takes less time before it’s full again – something for which very little can be done, certainly nothing that involves big fat fees.

So guess who makes the most money – the Andrew Brooks or the Paul Sved and the Vincent Tses? Obviously Andrew Brooks makes much much more. And, under the reward system that operates in New South Wales, this appears certain to just continue.

Our reader reports that he’s never made a complaint about Dr Brooks to Sue Dawson and her Health Care Complaints Commission, because, after having made complaints to her about 4 or 5 other doctors and got nowhere, he knows that it would only result in her and her people coming up with some way of finding that Dr Brooks was/is a perfectly good and honourable doctor – and in Dr Brooks having the last laugh.

Sue Dawson comes over as not caring about anything, least of all the reward system that operates for health care professionals in New South Wales – so long as she keeps getting her $500,000 a year. We’ve emailed her numerous times also, asking for her side of the story, but she doesn’t care enough to respond.

One of our readers reports that after a certain doctor had put him though a number of procedures which didn’t help him in any way, when he complained to the doctor, the doctor absolutely taunted him, saying, “You know you don’t have anything to complain about – otherwise you would  have made a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission!” And when the attention of another doctor, a skin specialist, was drawn to the fact that it had been reported that she had told a patient that a problem she had WASN’T cancerous, when another skin specialist had told her, 8 days later, that it WAS, her response was, “Oh, the highly reputable Heath Care Complaints Commission cleared me over that.”

That’s how it is in New South Wales.

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The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – dealing with 2

Another experience in dealing with this completely and utterly useless organisation which is quite extraordinary!

When someone admitted himself into the Westmead Government hospital with heart problems, he was put on a drip of a medication we’ll call Medication 2, which helped him considerably, to the point that he was discharged the next morning, but before he left he was granted a face-to-face consultation with one of the hospital’s cardiologists, Dr Timothy Tan. Dr Tan confirmed that he should be on Medication 2, perhaps for the rest of his life.

But he didn’t enquire of the patient what medications he was already on???

When the patient realised this, he emailed Dr Tan asking whether he should continue taking medications he was already on, in particular a medication we shall call Medication 1. When he didn’t get a reply he continued taking them both.

But more than 7 months later when he was seeing another cardiologist and this cardiologist enquired what medications he was on, he told the patient he should stop taking Medication 1. And when the patient asked why, the reply he got was, “Because Medications 1 and Medications 2 don’t go together.” Of course the patient was furious, not knowing what damage he could have suffered by being on two medications for more than 7 months that didn’t go together.

So a complaint was made to the Health Care Complaints Commission on two grounds. Firstly, clearly the major one, that Dr Tan should have enquired of the patient what medications he was already on in the face-to face consultation. Secondly, not nearly so significant, that Dr Tan should have replied to the clients’ email.

Within the HCCC, the complaint was handled by a Ms XXX.

She didn’t even address the first part, just told the patient that Dr Tan denied ever receiving the client’s email, of course.

(As we keep saying, if readers send an email to a person or organisation and it hasn’t been at least acknowledged within 14 days, that person or the people in that organisation are almost certainly crooks who will deny ever receiving any emails, no matter how many emails are sent and how many email addresses for them are used – and the worrying part is that there’s very little that can be done about it.)

Ms XXX went on to admonish the patient telling him he’d used the wrong email address – he’d used the email address for him on the prestigious University of Sydney School of Medicine website, tim.tan@sydney.edu.au. (We ourselves have used emails on this website hundreds of times with very few problems.) And she went on say that he should have got Dr Tan’s proper address from AHPRA – the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

So AHPRA was contacted, and guess what they said? – that they didn’t have any email addresses in the way Ms XXX had described, and in fact they had no idea what she was talking about.

Ms XXX was contacted about this, but has not responded. No doubt she would deny that she’d got any emails about what AHPRA had said.

What a shambles!

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BUPA Aged Care – dealing with 3

Further to this previous post and this previous post.

As you can see, we’ve emailed BUPA seeking some response to claims that one of the residents in their aged care home at Eden had maggots in a wound in his head that had grown to the point where the resident had to be taken to hospital – obviously they had done damage to his head to the extent that it was not enough for the maggots to be simply brushed off by one of the home’s staff!!!! And after two weeks BUPA hasn’t responded.


To us the answer is very simple. It’s because their top management have found that they don’t HAVE to respond – BUPA can grow to a prosperous international organisation of enormous size while completely ignoring complaints.

As our readers would know, we believe that by far the best way of knowing what people and organisations are like is to send them an email or emails – far better than relying on their marketing, (obviously,) even far better than relying on ratings by other people. And by the fact that neither the people “on the ground” at their Eden aged care home, nor the people in the top management of their organisation have responded in any way we know exactly what BUPA is like – that if residents in any of their aged care homes complain about anything they get nowhere.

BUPA has obviously found that it doesn’t pay to provide responses and people keep moving into their facilities regardless!!!

Gearing up to having people in their employ occupied in writing responses to complaints costs money – and obviously BUPA has found that it’s money they don’t HAVE to spend.

In the meantime, it can be agued that anyone who moves into a BUPA aged care facility is stark raving mad! But nothing is going to change unless, (1)  there are aged care facilities not like BUPA’s, and, (2) the people are going to take the time and trouble to locate them.

Perhaps there are readers who know of aged care facilities that are owned and operated by people not like BUPA. If so, we would so grateful if they could let us know their details so we can publicise them for the benefit of other readers.

That’s what WE work on day and night – trying to locate people and organisations that are not like BUPA. If readers are thinking of dealing with a person or organisation, they can use the search facilities on this blog to see if we have done any work on them, (almost certainly we haven’t as we’re just getting going, but it only takes a few seconds to check,) which may save them some time and trouble – although, even if we have, they can and should always send their own emails as well.

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The Reward System that operates for Health Care Professionals in NSW – 1

In almost every situation there’s what can be called a “reward system.”

Peter Drucker, the famous management writer, often used to refer to it. And similarly, we have a book in which the writer calls this the “the greatest management principle in the world – “The things that get rewarded get done.” In other words, in most situation there are factors which determine which ways of doing things benefit people and organisations the most.

This is demonstrated by this.

One of our readers reports that he was referred to Ophthalmologist A for help with his double vision, and spent 3 or 4 hours in her rooms seeing her and her people and learnt nothing. He kept being told that they needed to get to the bottom of the causes of his double vision as they could be VERY serious and that this was a long and difficult task. This is part of one of the emails he got.

Subsequently, he saw Ophthalmologist B, who, after getting the history of his double vision from him, in just a few minutes told him, (1) that it was most unlikely that it was due to anything serious, but, if he wanted to make sure, he could have an MRI of his brain, and (2) that he could solve the practical  problems of his double vision by getting prisms in his glasses.

So he had an MRI of his brain, and it was clear, and he got prisms in his glasses, (which neither Ophthalmologist A nor any of her people had mentioned in all the time he’d spent with them,) and the way in which they helped him was nothing short of miraculous.


Ophthalmologist A, of course. She would have made FAR more money than Ophthalmologist B.

And she could have made a lot more, if she’d been able to talk him into having cataract surgery, which she clearly set out to do, amongst other things telling him it was “clinically indicated” – see this in one of the emails she sent him.

(Our reader tells us that he’s recently seen an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist, and they’ve both told him that he STILL doesn’t need cataract surgery – more than 8 years after receiving this email.)

A very important aspect of this is the contribution government organisations and people make to the reward systems under which health care professionals, for instance, work.

Our reader reports that, after all the above, he made a complaint to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about Ophthalmologist A, contrasting how he’d got on with her with how he’d got on with Ophthalmologist B. And guess how he got on?

He got something back along the lines of, “Oh, different practitioners have different approaches to things, and there’s nothing to indicate that the approach Ophthalmologist A took was any better or worse than Ophthalmologist B’s approach.


With the reward system that exists in New South Wales for health care professionals, why would any of them in their right mind do the right thing, as Ophthalmologist B did, and involve our reader in a consultation that only lasted less than 30 minutes, when he could have kept him in his rooms for 3 or 4 hours in the way that Ophthalmologist A did. Fortunately, Ophthalmologist B did, regardless – but Ophthalmologist Bs are few and far between.

And with people like Sue Dawson being at the head of institutions like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, things are unlikely to get any better, extremely unlikely!

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Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 3

This was sent to Dr Brooks today, (25 Mar. 2019,) by email.

We’re not expecting a reply, but if we get one, we’ll let you know.

We’ve been dealing with Dr Brooks for a number of years, and while it seems to be the overall trend for more and more people and organisations to have ordinary email addresses readily available, with people like Dr Brooks, any ordinary email addresses, even those dreaded email forms, are being taken down – it’s almost as though they are wanting to hide!

When we first started dealing with him in 2014, he had a website called westernurology.net.au, which displayed the ordinary email address, admin@westernurology.net.au  – although, even then, we never found that he responded to any emails sent to him using it. Now we can’t find westernurology.net.au – it appears to have disappeared, and to have been replaced with andrewbrooks.com.au, which only has phone and fax numbers on it!!! – not an ordinary email address or even an email form, although the ordinary email address admin@westernurology.net.au still appears to work – at least emails sent using it don’t come back.

Who deals with people and organisations these days who only display phone and fax numbers????

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The “maggots in the head wound” story – a summary

A Sydney Morning Herald article dated 12 Mar 2019 claimed that an elderly resident of the aged care home at Eden owned by the multi-national BUPA had had maggots growing in a wound in his head to the point where he had to be taken to hospital – the maggots couldn’t just be brushed off by a staff member at the home.

We’ve done a lot of work on this over the last 11 days, the bottom lines of which are these.

Firstly, we asked the management people at Eden for their side of the story on 14 Mar. 2019 – they haven’t responded in any way.

Secondly, we’ve asked the management people at BOPA’s head office, also on 14 Mar. 2019, whether they cared. They responded with this.

But that was 11 days ago, and we haven’t heard anything further from them.

Thirdly, we’ve had extensive correspondence with the Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission which has just gone round and round in circles getting us nowhere. Eventually we sent them this.

We believe that any of our readers considering dealing with any of BUPA’s facilities should at least send an email or two to BUPA’s top management to see whether their responses, if any, encouraged them to think that doing this might be good idea – at least they’ve got an ordinary email address that can be used – info@bupacare.com.au. Unfortunately our work over the last 11 days means that we’d be surprised if anyone who did this ended up thinking it was a good idea.

A 29 Mar. 2019 update: No response from BUPA’s Aged Care Home at Eden to an email sent to them 15 days ago using their email form.

No response from BUPA’s top management sent to them 15 days ago, other than an automated response in which they claimed that they would respond further “within two business days.”

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The Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission – dealing with 3

Further to our previous post.

On 22 Mar. 2019, we received this from the Commission.

This response was sent back today, (on 24 Mar. 2019.)

We’ll let you know if we get a response.

It’s yet to be seen if anything will be done by the people in this Commission about maggots developing in a man’s head in an aged care home to the point where he had to be taken to hospital.

In our experience the government organisations that are supposed to help with problems like this have horrible track records. But this Commission may be different?

Email us at info@questionsmisc.info

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