BUPA Aged Care – dealing with 2

Further to our previous post on BUPA Aged Care in which we set out an email sent to them on 14 Mar. 2019 about the claims in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that a resident in their aged care home at Eden had maggots in a wound on his head to which we’ve received no response other than this, which we got straight away.

Far from getting a response “within two business days,” we’ve got nothing back from them in 6 working days!

We’ve found that with large organisations like BUPA, which may have as many as 80,000 employees, (and this is particularly so with RAMSAY HEALTH CARE, with it’s 30,000 employees, about which more later,) that not one person amongst their thousands and thousands is ACCOUNTABLE for what they do and say, least of all the people in top management – not one person!!!

What one would hope would happen in cases like this is that when the people in top management received an email like ours, that they would respond with something like, “We’ll contact our people at Eden to get their side of the story and get back to you.” But nothing even remotely like this ever happens.

So, for instance, in this case, if we try to deal with the people in top management at BUPA, they don’t care, and if we try to deal with the people “on the ground” at Eden, (which we’ve attempted to do, and got nowhere,) they don’t care, probably because they know that the people in their top management don’t care.

What’s got to happen is that we the people have got to change. We’ve got to be constantly searching for people who are ACCOUNTABLE, and organisations which have people in them who are ACCOUNTABLE, and, as far as possible, only dealing with such people and organisations.

(Of course, it’s all about the competition, if any. Often as we seek to to find people and organisations that are ACCOUNTABLE, we can’t find any that are any better than the rest.)

It’s only as organisations like BUPA and RAMSAY start to think that the people may be changing and it may be costing them DOLLARS that anything is going to change.

The people behind this blog are about trying to help ourselves and our readers change in this way.

Email us at info@questionsmisc.info

A 27 Mar. 2019 update: It’s now 13 days since BUPA emailed us saying they would respond to our email within “two business days,” and still nothing further! We’ve found from bitter experience that if you don’t get a meaningful response from a person or organisation to an email sent within 14 days, that you are NEVER going to get one, and that, if necessary, the person or organisation will lie and say they never got your email.

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