BUPA Aged Care – dealing with 3

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As you can see, we’ve emailed BUPA seeking some response to claims that one of the residents in their aged care home at Eden had maggots in a wound in his head that had grown to the point where the resident had to be taken to hospital – obviously they had done damage to his head to the extent that it was not enough for the maggots to be simply brushed off by one of the home’s staff!!!! And after two weeks BUPA hasn’t responded.


To us the answer is very simple. It’s because their top management have found that they don’t HAVE to respond – BUPA can grow to a prosperous international organisation of enormous size while completely ignoring complaints.

As our readers would know, we believe that by far the best way of knowing what people and organisations are like is to send them an email or emails – far better than relying on their marketing, (obviously,) even far better than relying on ratings by other people. And by the fact that neither the people “on the ground” at their Eden aged care home, nor the people in the top management of their organisation have responded in any way we know exactly what BUPA is like – that if residents in any of their aged care homes complain about anything they get nowhere.

BUPA has obviously found that it doesn’t pay to provide responses and people keep moving into their facilities regardless!!!

Gearing up to having people in their employ occupied in writing responses to complaints costs money – and obviously BUPA has found that it’s money they don’t HAVE to spend.

In the meantime, it can be agued that anyone who moves into a BUPA aged care facility is stark raving mad! But nothing is going to change unless, (1)  there are aged care facilities not like BUPA’s, and, (2) the people are going to take the time and trouble to locate them.

Perhaps there are readers who know of aged care facilities that are owned and operated by people not like BUPA. If so, we would so grateful if they could let us know their details so we can publicise them for the benefit of other readers.

That’s what WE work on day and night – trying to locate people and organisations that are not like BUPA. If readers are thinking of dealing with a person or organisation, they can use the search facilities on this blog to see if we have done any work on them, (almost certainly we haven’t as we’re just getting going, but it only takes a few seconds to check,) which may save them some time and trouble – although, even if we have, they can and should always send their own emails as well.

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