BUPA Aged Care – dealing with 4

One of the things that fascinates us, and Peter Drucker talks about it too, is that top management people often don’t have to DO anything, it’s sufficient if their underlings KNOW that they KNOW.

As we’ve mentioned before, according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, a resident in BUPA’s aged care home at Eden had maggots growing in a wound in his head to the point where he had to be taken to hospital, presumably because the maggots had started eating into his head, which is what maggots do, it had passed the point where the maggots could have been just brushed off by the staff at Eden.

And emails to the people “on the ground” at Eden asking for their side of the story have been ignored. And emails to the top management people in BUPA have been similarly ignored, presumably because they don’t know and don’t care about what happened at Eden.

Our point is that if BUPA’s top management ever sent the people at Eden an email asking for their side of the story, they might think, “Oops! perhaps our top management people want to know, perhaps they DO care, perhaps they MIGHT do something!” But there’s not the slightest indication that anything like this ever happens or ever will happen.

(Similarly, if the Government’s Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission sent out emails like that, it might have the same effect, but there’s no indication that the people there ever have or ever will do anything like that.)

In the meantime, BUPA claims to have more than 70 aged care facilities, (none with ordinary email addresses, as far as we can see,) and readers need to realise that if any residents in them have problems the above tells them exactly how they and their loved ones would get on – it’s naivety to think otherwise.

It’s hard not to think that the only expertise the top management people in BUPA have is in extracting the maximum number of dollars out of every situation.

Of course, an email or emails from them, (they promised to get back to us within “two working days” 18 days ago,) which we promise we’d pass on to our readers immediately, might change everything. We can hardly wait!!!

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