Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 1

An email just sent, (on Mon. 4 Mar. 2019,) to Dr Brooks, using both the ordinary email address for him on his website – admin@westernurology.net.au – and the ordinary email address for him on the University of Sydney School of Medicine websiteandrew.brooks@sydney.edu.au.

We’ll let you know if we get a response, although we’re not expecting one – at least a dozen similar emails have been sent to him, and he hasn’t even acknowledged one of them, let alone provided any sort of response. We believe he probably hasn’t answered an email in his whole life.

To us, it’s this simple – if a helpful response to this email is not received within 14 days, just one email, Brooks should be avoided like the plague, especially when there are Urologists around like Dr Paul Sved and Dr Vincent Tse who we’ve always found to be SO helpful.

This blog is about seeking to find the Paul Sveds and the Vincent Tses of this world and to help ourselves and our readers to keep out of the hands of the Andrew Brooks.

The great thing is that readers don’t have to take our word about Dr Sved, Dr Tse or Dr Brooks – they can just email them themselves. Perhaps you’ll find them different to how we’ve found them, but we doubt it.

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