Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 2

This almost makes us fall on the floor laughing.

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from one of Dr Brooks’ assistants – we could say  “one of his thugs,” but we won’t – saying that what we were saying about him on our websites and blogs was starting to affect his practice and that “we owed him an apology!!!!!!US owing Dr BROOKS an apology!!!!!!??????

Our response to this gentleman was, of course, that we’d be more than happy to put up the internet for all to see, anything Dr Brooks might wish to put in writing in response to anything we might say or have said.

This gentleman said he was going to send us an email about all this, but we’ve never got one, so we don’t even know who he was or is.

Also, in the course of our conversation, this gentleman mentioned that from time to time Dr Brooks made “contributions” to GPs to help them in running their practices, which he described as a “norm for the industry.”

So readers, the next GP you see may be one of those receiving “contributions” from Dr Brooks and/or other specialists.

We emailed one of the GPs one of our readers claims to have referred him to Dr Brooks asking him if he had ever received one of these “contributions” – no response from him after many many weeks, and, of course, no response from Dr Brooks when we raised the matter with him.

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