Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist – dealing with 3

This was sent to Dr Brooks today, (25 Mar. 2019,) by email.

We’re not expecting a reply, but if we get one, we’ll let you know.

We’ve been dealing with Dr Brooks for a number of years, and while it seems to be the overall trend for more and more people and organisations to have ordinary email addresses readily available, with people like Dr Brooks, any ordinary email addresses, even those dreaded email forms, are being taken down – it’s almost as though they are wanting to hide!

When we first started dealing with him in 2014, he had a website called westernurology.net.au, which displayed the ordinary email address, admin@westernurology.net.au  – although, even then, we never found that he responded to any emails sent to him using it. Now we can’t find westernurology.net.au – it appears to have disappeared, and to have been replaced with andrewbrooks.com.au, which only has phone and fax numbers on it!!! – not an ordinary email address or even an email form, although the ordinary email address admin@westernurology.net.au still appears to work – at least emails sent using it don’t come back.

Who deals with people and organisations these days who only display phone and fax numbers????

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