Dr Colin Holloway – dealing with 1

Dr Colin Holloway is a GP, originally from South Africa, practicing in Caboolture, Queensland, (perhaps in his early 70s, see his AHPRA entry,) who has this on his website.

This quotation led to him being sent this on 14 Mar. 2019.

He responded with this within a couple of hours.

This further email was then sent to him on the same day.

But, as nothing further had been heard from him over the last 10 days, this was sent to him today, (on 24 Mar. 2019.)

We’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

He may well be a good person to contact for those suffering depression, chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders, even for those living well away from his practice in Caboolture, Queensland, don’t you think. But, about anything else? –  we don’t know.

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