Dr Colin Holloway – dealing with 2

We are really interested in Low Dose Naltrexone, so when we came across Dr Holloway’s website and saw the following on it, our interest was immediately aroused, especially as we’ve had difficulty locating any Sydney doctors who claim to know anything about it, let alone who prescribe it.

As you will see in our previous post, an email was sent to Dr Holloway, which got this response.

The fact that he says, “I do telephone consultations for those who live at a distance,” got us REALLY interested. But, since this email was received, 3 or 4 more emails have been sent to him which haven’t even been acknowledged???

It is suggested that readers who think they have problems with which Low Dose Naltrexone may help, could seek to to have one of his telephone consultations – you may get on better than we have, although he’s obviously busy, if, as he claims, there’s a waiting time of 6 months to have face-to-face consultations with him.

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