Dr Timothy Tan, Cardiologist – dealing with 1

A contribution put together with one of our readers.

Readers need to realise that, in circumstances as described in this, the Dr Tans of this world are ALWAYS going to deny that they received an email, as Dr Tan did in this instance, ALWAYS!!! That unless they’ve got an acknowledgement of receipt of an email, not just any email, but their particular email, (which only takes a few seconds for the recipient to provide,) that if it becomes relevant, the person or organisation that your email was sent to will deny that they received it.

In other words, if you haven’t received such a receipt, that you are almost certainly dealing with a CROOK or CROOKS who are making sure they are in a position to deny that they received your email, if it becomes necessary.

Dr Tan seems to be one of these, don’t you think?

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