Dr Vincent Tse, Urologist – dealing with 1

Based on the experiences of one of us, if anyone has a urological problem, the first person you should email about it would be Dr Tse – we have always found him SO helpful.

He once wrote to us – “Good doctors are always good communicators.” And it’s something he practices.

(We wrote back to him saying that if this was true, there aren’t many good doctors.)

In saying this Dr Paul Sved may be just as good – we saw Dr Sved first, but he referred us on to Dr Tse, and we’ve had more to do with Dr Tse than with Dr Sved.

And, if course the last person we’d be trying to contact – not that he ever even acknowledges emails, let alone provides responses to them – would be Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist. He would have to be one of the worst doctors on the planet. As “the icing on the cake,” he’s on record as saying that his email address is set up so that emails from patients are “blocked” so he doesn’t receive them.

We only wish we knew of specialist doctors in all the areas of medicine. We’ll keep looking.

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