Email to Commissioner Sue Dawson and Premier Berejiklian


I was referred to Dr Andrew J Brooks, for help with the frequency problem I was experiencing – I was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to urinate.
Dr Brooks’ diagnosis was that it was because my bladder had become small, (with a capacity of only 200 mls) and muscular over the years, on the basis of which he recommended certain treatment – treatment for which incidentally he charged $$3,200 for less than an hours work!
I had his treatment, which ended up costing me more than $6,000, for his fee and hospital expenses, and wasn’t helped at all – I still had the frequency problem exactly the same. AND I was damaged for life in a highly personal way – it can’t be reversed.
Dr Brooks had reported to my GP, “I have explained the risks and complications,” which, of course, was another of his many lies – he hadn’t at all.
As I’ve learnt since, it was much more likely that, far from being small and muscular, my bladder was relatively normal in size and weak – in which case, nothing could be done. Made more likely by the fact that Brooks has failed to provide the results of any tests which might confirm his diagnosis; despite the fact that I’ve made many requests to get a copy of these tests, despite the fact that I am entitled to them by law, and despite the fact that I even sought help from the NSW Privacy Commissioner to get them and even she gave up in the end.
It had obviously been all about Brooks getting his hands on $3,200 for less than an hours work.
That Brooks should believe he’d get away with this tells you all you’d ever want to know about how it is in New South Wales, and in particular, the effectiveness or otherwise of our Health Care Complaints Commission, and the effectiveness or otherwise of our politicians, in particular, Premier Berejiklian.
That, from past experience with the Health Care Complaints Commission and Premier Berejiklian, Brooks probably WILL get away with this, that he will almost certainly have the last laugh, tells you even more.
If you, Health Care Complaints Commissioner, ever gave the slightest indication that you cared about any of this, it could make SUCH a difference!
I realise I’m probably risking my life in kicking up such a fuss about this – Brooks has to be regarded as a highly dangerous person if he’s prepared to damage patients for life, it doesn’t just happen, it always happens, with the treatments he recommends and carries out, just to get his hands on another $3,200 for less than an hours work.
David Beck
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