HBF Health Insurance – dealing with

HBF Health insurance, based in Western Australia, claims to have over a million members – see their website.

We have just, (on 4 Apr. 2019,) sent this email to them.

We’ll let you know if we hear from them.

This is our first attempt to do any work on health insurance organisations, but in general, readers are naive if they don’t realise that insurance companies, while using every trick in the book to portray themselves as “good guys,” are about using every trick in the book to increase their premium income, and using every trick in the book to reduce what they pay out – that’s what they get paid for.

To us there is so much scope to try and sort out which are the best of a bad lot.

An update: As soon as we put this post up, we got this from another of our readers – a retired GP.

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