Lakeview Private Hospital (previously The Hospital for Specialist Surgery) – dealing with 1

According to a number of reports in the media, a senior nurse at this hospital, having gone through the belongings of one of it’s patients, an elderly lady recovering from cancer surgery, and recovered 2 credit cards, than assaulted and assaulted her until she gave up the pin numbers for the cards, and then used the cards and pin numbers to steal a thousand dollars.

This was in March last year – Google searches locate nothing further since.

We’ve sent nearly a dozen emails to the hospital, the chairman of the board and those members of the board with ordinary email addresses. The chairman of the board and the members of the board haven’t even acknowledged our emails, let alone provided any replies. And nothing from the hospital, in particular it’s general manager who also hasn’t replied, has indicated that becoming a patient of this hospital might be other than a REALLY BAD IDEA.

Only this cliche on it’s website.

Blah blah blah! blah blah blah!

Come on guys – the ball’s in your court.

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