Liz Scully, a prospective member of the NSW Parliament – dealing with 2

We’ve written extensively over the years about how completely and utterly useless we’ve found the member of the NSW Parliament, Geoff Lee, to be – we’ve sent him numerous emails and he doesn’t even acknowledge them, (try it yourself if you don’t believe us,) has never provided us with the slightest indication that there’s any point to voting for him, never provided any indication that he might ever do or say something useful? anything?

And now we’ve started getting bit’s and pieces in our mail box and in the media saying that we should be voting for a Liz Scully instead at the next State election.

Ms Scully claims to be a “local mum,” a housewife with 3 children to look after, makes no claims to have any tertiary qualifications, in other words didn’t go beyond high school, (perhaps didn’t even get to high school?) who also doesn’t even acknowledge emails sent to her, (we’ve sent 4,) or provide any other indications that there might be any point to her being a member of Parliament either.

Readers, people, the Geoff Lees and the Liz Scully of this world are not going to change – we’ve got to change. We’ve got to stop voting for people who don’t provide indications that there might be some point to them being our representatives in Parliament, perhaps in government.

In theory, at least, it’s totally up to us, the people, as to who the members of Parliament are.

If we’ve got the time we’ll keep sending emails to the Geoff Lees and the Liz Scullys – if anything changes, we’ll let you know.

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