Ms Elizabeth Koff – dealing with 1

We have just received, (on Tue. 12 Mar. 2019,) this email.

And on the top of it is something which we absolutely HATE – this.

The Elizabeth Koffs of this world are always thinking of ways to give us, the people, the runaround. Why can’t she use email addresses in the normal way, which make it easy for people to respond to her emails if they wish.

And there’s also this.

As far as we can see, this isn’t true, it’s just a lie. But, any case, why can’t it read, “These are links to contact details for the Ministerial office should you wish to make further representations.” Why should we be expected to forage around elsewhere for these details.

And why does she always use such small print in her emails when larger print would obviously make them easier to read, especially for older people?

Question: How could Ms Koff possibly think that she could get away with such rubbish?

Answer: Because she always has. We would almost fall to the ground with shock if we ever came across any evidence that Minister Hazzard or Premier Berejiklian cared in the slightest.

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