The Bupa Aged Care Home, Eden – dealing with 2

Further to this post, which commenced with this.

So a poor bloke, a resident of Bupa’s Aged Care Home at Eden, was found to have maggots in a wound in his head, and the situation had reached the stage where he had to be taken to be taken to hospital – no doubt the maggots had progressed to some extent in eating into his head, (which is what maggots are all about,) otherwise he wouldn’t have had to be taken to hospital, the maggots could have been just brushed off.

We’ve sent emails to the following – the Aged Care Home at Eden, Bupa’s head office, the Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission, and Ken Wyatt, the Commonwealth Minister for Aged Care –¬†for their information and asking for their comments.

We’ll let you know if we hear back from any of them – something which we’re not expecting at present.

Of course, readers don’t have to go by our experiences – they can always email them them themselves.

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