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We still can’t hardly believe this!!!

According to one of our readers, he was referred to Dr Kerrie Meades, Ophthalmologist, for help with his double vision, which was continuing to get worse to the point where it was getting dangerous for him to drive a car, increasingly it appeared that he might have to give up using his car, which, for him, would have been a disaster.

So he spent 3 or 4 hours in Dr Meades’ rooms, at considerable expense, seeing Dr Meades herself, her colleague Dr Jennifer Sandbach, and her orthoptists, from which he learnt nothing.

Dr Meades’ responses to his complaints about this continued to be like.

Eventually he saw Dr Ross Fitzsimmons, Ophthalmologist, instead.

Dr Fitsimmons virtually solved all his problems in 2 minutes! (1) After briefly reviewing the reader’s history of double vision, Dr Fitzsimmons said that it was extremely unlikely that it could be due to anything serious, but, if he wanted to remove any doubt, he could have an MRI of his brain, which he did, and it was clear. (2) Dr Fitzsimmons said that prisms in his glasses would solve the practical problems of his double vision, and when he got them, it was as though he was 20 or 30 again – nothing short of a miracle!

(Dr Meades subsequently claimed that one of her colleagues had sent him for an MRI, but this was a lie – no evidence of this was ever able to be produced. And in 3 or 4 hours in Dr Meades’ ┬árooms glasses with prisms were not mentioned once by anyone.)

And when a complaint was made to the Health Care Complaints Commission about Dr Meades, readers will probably guess how that turned out?

Their response was along these lines – “All practitioners are entitled to their opinions and we can’t see how anyone could complain about Dr Meades’s opinions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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