ThinkConveyancing – dealing with 1

ThinkConveyancing’s website –

If you go to their website and click on the “Contact” on it, you are taken to an email form, which has been used to send them this.

In using email forms, the date and time that the form has been submitted is always entered just below the enquiry, something that is done automatically with ordinary email addresses, as has been done in this case.

Having submitted this form, we got this immediate automated response.

More than 3 hours later nothing further had been received.

We had/have no interest in phone conversations – we need something in writing which might indicate that they might be worth dealing with.

We strongly recommend to our viewers that they do this sort of thing themselves with any people or organisations they may be thinking of dealing with – when we or one of our readers has done it, we put the details up on our blogs, to possible save other readers time and doing what has been done already. Such posts can be located almost immediately by using the search facilities on this blog.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything further.

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