Westmead Government hospital – dealing with 2

One of our readers reports that he recently had a 4-5 minute consultation with Dr Aravinda Thiagalingam in this hospital, and believes that what he was told was rubbish. And despite 3 or 4 requests made to him, he won’t put anything in writing, which makes it difficult, if not impossible to get second opinions.

So this was sent, (in the morning of 20 Mar. 2019,) in an email to Graeme Loy, the hospital’s CEO.

The last thing you want to be doing is dealing with a doctor who is not accountable to anyone for what they do and say, a doctor who’s free to peddle rubbish.

We’ll let you know if we get a reply.

A 20 May 2019 update: A reply WAS received the next day, asking for the author of the above emails’ full personal details – which were provided. Since then NOTHING – in 2 months! Knowing the Graeme Loys of this world, these details were probably requested so that a black mark could be put against the author’s name in case he ever went to his hospital again – it was never intended to provide a response to his concerns. Mr Loy carries on as though the modern means of communication hadn’t been invented. By sending him an email, we can all know what he’s like – completely and utterly hopeless. Of course he knows what his political masters are like – they couldn’t care less either.

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